Key Facts

The ETDB has been established as a regional MDB with a vision to become the financial pillar of economic cooperation among the ECO Member States fostering sustainable economic development and integration. Since 2008, which the Bank started its operations, the total amount of loans disbursed to various operations in the member states reached to USD 856 million by the end of 2014. The Bank has been deploying its corporate competencies to maintain a sound financial position, thereby contributing to business cooperation, investing activity and exports. In reflection to its well-diversified loan portfolio and robust business approach, the Bank so far has no non-performing loans (NPLs), which is one of the best levels among the peer institutions.


March 1995

Articles of Agreement establishing the ETDB signed by Iran, Pakistan and Turkey

August 2005

Ratification of Articles of Agreement finalized by Iran, Pakistan and Turkey

July 2006

First meeting of the Board of Governors (BoGs)

October 2006

BoGs appointed the President of the ETDB

July 2007

Headquarters Agreement of the Bank was ratified by the Republic of Turkey

May 2008

Business Plan (2008-2012) approved by the BoGs

May 2008

ETDB’s Articles of Agreement has been registered with the United Nations

November 2008

Credit operations started with first loan signed for development SMEs

August 2009

Represantative Office in Tehran opened

January 2010

Represantative Office in Karachi opened

October 2011

Wind Power Project, co-financed by the ETDB jointly with other MDBs, acquired Middle East Renewable Energy Deal of the Year for 2011

December 2012

First Islamic trade finance agreement signed

February 2013

Azerbaijan became the new (4th) member of the ETDB

July 2013

Business Plan (2013-2017) approved by the BoGs

July 2013

First subordinated (Tier-II) loan agreement signed for development of SMEs

September 2013

First loan agreement signed for development of micro-enterprises

September 2013

First Murabaha Agreement signed to further support development of SMEs

January 2014

ETDB’s Headquarters Office moved into its own premises

March 2014

Afghanistan became the new (5th) member of ETDB

October 2014

Implementation of the SAP banking application

August 2015

Kyrgyzstan became the new (6th) member of the ETDB


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