Procurement of Goods & Services

The opportunities for the suppliers of goods, works, and services to participate in the projects to be financed by the Bank as well as Bank’s own functions are announced through Procurement/Internal Purchasing Notices and are mandated by the Bank’s policies and regulations.
Procurement of goods, works and services for the projects to be financed by the Bank is carried out by the clients in comply with the Procurement Policy of the Bank.

The Bank’s main function in such instances is to oversee the client’s procurement process and ascertain its compatibility with the Procurement Policy as well as international commercial practices.
  Tender Notifications


Title of the Tender


Expiry Date

   1  Mazandaran & Golestan Regional Electric Company (MREC) Subtransmission Substation Projects
 Open  26 August 2015
   2  Mazandaran & Golestan Regional Electricity Company Sub-Transmission Lines 63kV Projects
  Open  26 August 2015
Two Steps Tender for Purchase of Third Part Equipment and Accessories of the Siazakh Right Bank Irrigation System
4 July 2015


IT Hardware, Software and Implementation Services


1 July 2013




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