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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Environment and Social Development Policy

The Bank is fully committed to the core values and the principles of environment & social development. Its charter strictly mandates that the environment & the social development aspects are taken into consideration for any financial engagement by the Bank. All its policies under the Charter of Agreement specifically lays down rules and regulations to this effect.

The Negative List of Products Policy

The Bank must observe in all its operations compliance to the maximum extent possible with the applicable rules and regulations regarding procurement of goods and services, national legislation of member states, and with the provisions of the international conventions, treaties and agreements that limit, restrict or prohibit use, proliferation, generation, or otherwise disfavor the financing of operations that facilitate dealing in goods and services that pose a threat to health and safety of humans, other species, or the environment in general.

Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering can be defined as financial transactions aiming to conceal illicit wealth accumulated by an individual or an entity where true identity, source of wealth and means of financial transaction are normally not disclosed or are of suspicious nature. Any asset or financial operation associated in any form with criminal activity by virtue of fraud, corruption will be part of the Bank’s money laundering definition.

Anti-Fraud & Anti-Corruption

As part of its objective to carry the best business practices the Bank strictly enforces all measures to prevent fraud and corruption. The Bank as a policy will not work with any institution or an individual who is involved in any illegal, immoral or unlawful activity.