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Management Structure

The headquarters of the Bank is in Istanbul, Türkiye and representative offices are in Iran and Pakistan. The Bank has a sound and an elaborate corporate governance structure managed through well defined responsibilities of its Board of Governors, Board of Directors and Management Committee. All powers of the Bank are vested in the Board of Governors, which consists of one governor and one alternate governor appointed by each member country, who are senior officials of these countries. With the exception of powers specifically reserved to it under the Establishment Agreement of the Bank, the Board of Governors has delegated its powers to the Board of Directors, whose members are also appointed by each member country.

The legal representative and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank is the President. The president is being appointed by the Board of Governors and also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The president together with the two vice-presidents constitutes the Management Committee. As per the current organization structure approved by the Board of Governors, there are 16 departments and two representative offices in Karachi and Tehran reporting to the President and two Vice-Presidents. The main operational documents have been also approved by the management of the Bank.