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Vision & Mission


The vision of the ECO Trade and Development Bank is “to become the financial pillar of economic cooperation among ECO member states by fostering sustainable economic development and integration”.


The mission of the Bank is to:
  Promote and facilitate private and public sector investment, cooperation, development and job creation in member
       states through joint programmes.
  Foster the growth of intra-regional trade.
  Contribute to the economic and social development for the welfare of the people in member states.
  Promote good governance and environment consciousness in all efforts and projects.

Strategic Goals

Its strategic goals are to:
  Mobilize and utilize financial, natural and human resources of the region for the member states.
  Capitalize on region’s economic potential especially focusing on industry, agriculture and service sectors which includes,
       but not limited to trade, transportation, telecommunication, tourism and construction.
  Form alliances with local/international financial institutions to promote investments in ECO Member states.
  Establish a robust risk management framework to mitigate related risks such as AML, anti-fraud, anti-corruption,
       negative list of products etc.