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M-SME Development

One of the priorities of ETDB is to support micro enterprises (M) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), which are critical for the economic and social development in the ECO Region. They play a major role in creating jobs and generating income for low income people.

ETDB works to increase access of M-SMEs to financial services in ETDB Member Countries by providing funding to banks and financing institutions focusing on M-SME financing.

M-SME Development Loan

Medium term M-SME Development Loan is developed to encourage intermediary banks and leasing companies to expand and strengthen their financing of M-SME operations in the Member States and to support micro and small and medium-sized enterprises (M-SMEs) in line with the vision and the mission of the ECO Trade and Development Bank.

M-SME Development Loan can be utilised for the purpose of Export Financing (No destination limitation), Import Financing (From ECO Cooperation member states) and Working Capital needs of the small and medium sized companies as defined below:

Client CategoryMicroSME
Annual Turnover<EUR 50.000EUR 51.000 - EUR 15.000.000

Funds will be allocated by the intermediary banks to M-SMEs. Final beneficiaries of the SME Development Loan will be filtered according to the negative list of products and sectors and the environmental policy of the Bank.

How to Apply

All commercial banks, leasing companies and microfinance banks located in ETDB Member Countries can apply ETDB to be an intermediary bank for the M-SME Development Loan.

Upon finalization of credit review, establishment of a credit limit and signing of the relevant loan agreement; financing will be available for the intermediary bank for M-SME finance.

M-SMEs are requested to apply directly to one of the intermediary banks and financing institutions. Requirements for application may vary according to the respective intermediary institution.

Conditions and availability of financing (credit limit, interest rate, tenor, grace period, loan period, etc.) to be applied to the final beneficiary will be determined by the respective intermediary bank.