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President of ECO Trade and Development Bank
Mr. Yalçın Yüksel
Republic of Türkiye
Appointed by the Board of Governors on October 11th, 2019, Mr. Yalçın Yüksel took his office at the Headquarters of the Bank in İstanbul on November 1st, 2019 and will serve as the ETDB’s President and the Chairman of the Board of Directors until the end of October 2023.

Mr. Yalçın Yüksel, born in 1974 in Ankara, is the fourth President of the ECO Trade and Development Bank (ETDB).

Mr. Yalçın Yüksel brings with him 20 years of rich experience of working in public finance, banking, energy, management and development sectors. His last position was the Acting Director General of Public Finance at the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of the Republic of Türkiye. During his career, Mr. Yüksel served as a Board Member at various strategic public institutions i.e. “Development and Investment Bank of Türkiye”, “Turkish Petroleum Corporation”, “Vakıf Real Estate Investment Trust” and “General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises”.

After studying “Economics” at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University, Mr. Yüksel took a Master degree in “Policy Economics” at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the U.S.A. He is currently PhD candidate in “Banking” at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Gazi.

Mr. Yüksel is married and has three kids.