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Trade Finance

ETDB Trade Finance for corporates and businesses provides broad range of most comprehensive products to finance and promote trade of goods, produced in the Member Countries, within and outside the region. The Bank’s export financing facilities provided to suppliers/exporters may support exports from all Member Countries destined for countries inside as well as outside the Member Countries, while import financing facilities only support imports from the Member Countries.

The Bank may also provide finance for imports of following items from Non-ECO member countries;

     Capital equipment (machinery and relevant spare parts), raw material (mainly energy related items such as oil, gas, coal, etc.) and intermediary goods which would enhance competitive advantage or greater exports, intra-regional trade and job creation.

     Health related items which are necessary for basic humanitarian needs.

     The Bank will consider direct applications to finance exports or imports of interested beneficiaries of a minimum amount set at SDR 1 million.

     Transactions involving goods mentioned in the ETDB's Negative List of Goods (including the Bank's Environmental Exclusion List) will be excluded from financing.

     The Bank's Procurement Principles and Rules are applicable to trade finance activities.

How to Apply

Please write a simple application addressed to Corporate and Project Financing Department on your letter head specifying your requirements of a loan along with the purpose of facility. Please click here to find the information required to be submitted along with the application.